Great Snorkeling Spots in Southern California

Snorkeling pic


Lloyd Takao, MD, has operated a private medical practice in the East Bay area of California for more than three decades. Outside his professional life, Dr. Lloyd Takao enjoys outdoor leisure activities such as snorkeling.

Snorkeling is a wonderful marine activity that sometimes takes tourists around the world. While there are renowned international locations that boast impressive underwater views, for Californians, there are hidden gems right in their backyard that also provide great snorkeling experiences. Here are two of them.

La Jolla is a great location for family-friendly snorkeling excursions. Situated near San Diego, the waters, which are some of the clearest in Southern California, are suited for beginners and children. La Jolla Shores is also a great spot to get a close-up view of leopard sharks, which are harmless to humans and swim near shore in the late summer months.

Laguna Beach is another wonderful snorkeling spot. It also boasts clear waters, particularly within the Heisler Park Ecological Reserve. One can take tours to Seal Rock, where both kayaking and snorkeling experiences are available. When the conditions are ideal, you can even swim alongside colonies of California sea lions.