Strep Throat in Children

A practicing family doctor with decades of experience, Dr. Lloyd Takao treats patients in Orinda, California. In addition to providing routine care during checkups, Lloyd Takao, MD, sees patients when they complain of symptoms such as a sore throat.

There are many reasons why a person might get a sore throat. While some causes of sore throats are relatively minor, other causes, such as strep throat, might require medical treatment. Named after group A Streptococcus, strep throat is a common condition, particularly among children. It is contagious and is typically spread by such means as coughing, sneezing, and sharing a drink with someone who has the infection.

When a person becomes infected with group A Streptococcus bacteria, he or she generally experiences a severe sore throat, fever, and body aches, among other symptoms. Red spots might appear in the person’s mouth, and the tonsils might appear swollen. If strep throat is suspected, a doctor can perform a throat culture on the patient to test for the presence of the strep bacteria. In our office, we perform two simultaneous tests with one cotton swab. One test immediately tells us in 5 minutes if we have a positive result for Strep and the other is a confirmatory 24 hour culture result we read the next day. If the sore throat is, in fact, caused by strep, the physician usually prescribes a course of antibiotics to decrease the duration of the infection.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Symptoms in Children

A fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Lloyd Takao, MD, maintains licensure to practice in the state of California. Dr. Lloyd Takao sees patients at his self-titled practice in Orinda, where he specializes in treating children with asthma and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Commonly referred to as ADHD, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects millions of children. The chronic condition makes it difficult for a child to focus for extended periods and often results in impulsive behaviors. It is common for children diagnosed with ADHD to experience low self-esteem and poor performance in academia.

Parents of children with ADHD may notice their children struggle to pay attention and properly follow directions. In some cases, they accidentally misinterpret these behaviors as children not listening. In addition, a child with ADHD tends to fidget more than normal, talk excessively, and exhibit impatience when waiting. Other symptoms of ADHD include forgetfulness and frequent daydreaming.

San Francisco 49ers Hire Jim Tomsula as New Head Coach

Holding an MD from the Medical College of Ohio ( currently known as the University of Toledo College of Medicine) Dr. Lloyd Takao treats pediatric patients from his private practice in Orinda, California. When not providing quality health care, Lloyd Takao, MD, likes to watch NFL games, and he cheers for the San Francisco 49ers.

After a disappointing 2014 season in which the team finished 8-8, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh announced that he would leave his post to pursue other opportunities. The 49ers have since hired as their new head coach Jim Tomsula, who previously served as the team’s defensive line coordinator. Over his tenure in the position, Tomsula played a key role in San Francisco ranking in the NFL’s top five for fewest yards and scoring allowed since 2007. He has also helped several athletes, such as defensive tackle Justin Smith, to achieve Pro Bowl status and other accolades. Super Bowl 50 will take place at the 49ers’ Levi’s Stadium, and Tomsula aims to lead a championship run.